Marina Black

There’s nothing wrong with being content where you are, but a new chapter means new adventures.

Follow my journey as a passionate writer and photographer who wants to capture the beauty of life through creativity.

A little bit about me & why I’m here

I’m a new graduate in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University pursuing the next steps of life! My undergrad showed me the endless world of learning, helped me become a proficient writer, and gave me valuable opportunities to explore my field.

Here, I’ve created a public collection of my work as a writer, photographer, creator, and activist for interested individuals and potential employers. This is an ongoing collection, meaning that I will continue to add my experiences and publish to my blog.

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Latest Posts

Review: 3 Sister Skincare

I am happy to announce my recent partnership as a brand ambassador for 3 Sister Skincare!

Cheers to Summer Solstice! 🥂

While many of us may feel summer arrives when the weather turns brighter and warmer, summer officially begins when the solstice occurs. This year, the summer solstice occurred on June 20th, marking the longest day of the year.

Pride Month. Proud Story.

Happy Pride Month to all my LGBTQ+ followers! While June is dedicated to showing our pride colours, we should celebrate and be proud of who we are all the time. And yes, I said we.

My 2021 Summer Reading List

Check out my recommendations of must-read books for this summer. I’ve also included a few books I plan to read, so read along with me!


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