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Freezing People is (Not) Easy: My Adventures in Cryonics (2014) by Bob Nelson

Nonfiction | Autobiography | Science

Everyone considers the truth to the conspiracy of whether Walt Disney is frozen beneath one of his theme parks; this book will give you some answers to such speculations. Perhaps not the non-fiction novel you would typically pick up but Bob Nelson’s story from TV Repairman to first-time cryogenics engineer is not to be missed. Nelson’s obsession with cryogenic development prompts discussions around whether cryogenics works and invest in its experiments. Would you want to be cryogenically frozen for the opportunity to wake up in the future? Consider this when you’re reading Freezing People is (Not) Easy.

The Martian (2011) by Andy Weir

Science Fiction | Thriller

You’re familiar with Ridley Scott’s cinematic version of The Martian starring Matt Damon, but the original story takes a more personal approach to tell Mark Watney’s story of being stuck on Mars. The Martian was Andy Weir’s first published novel and aimed to be as scientifically accurate as possible backed by extensive research of orbital mechanics, conditions on the planet Mars, the history of human spaceflight, and botany. While some may be deterred from reading the book because they have seen the movie, The Martian was the best 384 pages I’ve ever read, so much so that I read the book within 24 hours. While I may be biased being a nerd for sci-fi, I know a great story when I read one.

Nala’s World: One Man, His Rescue Cat, and a Bike Ride around the Globe (2020) by Dean Nicholson

Nonfiction | Travel | Animals

One of my favourite additions to my bookshelf, Nala’s World tells the tales of a burly Scottish lad and his wee rescue kitten cycling around the world. I originally found Dean and Nala on Instagram @1bike1world after seeing their video on The Dodo and have kept track of their journey on social media and YouTube ever since. While I recall many points in their journey through social media, Dean’s book shows what went on behind the scenes and goes into detail about what it’s like travelling around the world with his Nala and being an animal rights advocate. While I hope to meet Dean and Nala on my future travels around the world, their book and updates always put a smile on my face.

The Witcher: Book of Elves (1994) by Andrzej Sapkowski

Fantasy | Adventures | Series

For over a century, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and elves have lived together in relative peace but times have changed and wars amongst races ensue. The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia is destined to cross paths with a prophesized child who has the power to change the world – for good, or for evil. Originally published in Polish, the Book of Elves is the first novel in The Witcher series and is a great starting point for anyone interested in diving into the Witcher universe. While Geralt’s story within the Witcher video game series is wrapped up, we can expect to see more from Henry Cavil in Netflix’s television rendition of the series. With the climactic ending of Season 1, Season 2 will definitely be drawing from the Book of Elves, so you better get reading ASAP!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017) by Taylor Reid Jenkins

Historical Fiction | Romance | Bookclub

Evelyn Hugo lived a scandalous life in late 20th century Hollywood, but such shocking rumors promise an intricate and emotional story. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is about the sins of the individual and the sins of society expressed through love, fame, hate, and corruption. While I’m not an avid romance reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this book club pick because its gossiping tale transcends Hollywood drama to discuss deeper meanings of societal issues. If you’re not reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo on a rainy day this fall, you’re missing out.

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  1. Great list Marina I’m marinating over a couple of those!!!
    I’m enjoying the Alchemist right now I find it fascinating and true and common sense but so deep!!
    Happy reading from my reading parlour to yours!


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