“You stop and take a lot of photos of flowers,” said Craig.

“How can you not?” replied Maureen, “You can capture every detail of every petal if you find the right angle.”

“You must really like daises then,” Craig said as Maureen snapped another photo. *click*

“Yeah, I guess I do,” said Maureen as the two continued to walk down the foot-trodden path.

This week’s photo was taken on a nature walk in a park in Oakville, Ontario with my close friend whom I had not been able to see for months. The above dialogue is a summary of our conversation about my flower photography which reminded me of my love for daisies.

Daises are low-maintenance, vigorous, and robust plants; some people see them as flowers while others see them as weeds in their garden. There are many variations of daisies native from all parts of the world, often considered to be wildflowers.

I find these flowers simplistic yet beautiful, proving you don’t have to be the flashiest flower in the garden to bloom beauty.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved daisies; my favourite was the Gerbera daisy. Yet when people ask me about my favourite flower, I stumbled to choose one. I always tried to suggest more vivacious flowers as my favourite, and while I adore hibiscus, the Oxeye daisy (seen in this photo) always brings me inspiration.

When I wrote my first script, I named the girl Daisy, subsequently creating the play’s title, Daisy. The play portrays the juxtaposition between old ways of thinking and new ways of thinking as two grave diggers find a seemingly deceased girl in an unmarked grave. The moral of the story is that any mindset can be detrimental if you refuse to accept anyone else’s ideas. I love the name Daisy since the story portrays ugliness and horror while conveying a meaningful moral.

Now, whenever I see daisies, I’m inclined to stop and take a picture. When I see this photo, I’m reminded of my love for plants, my success in scriptwriting, and the wonderful day I had with my friend.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.


Photo of the Week is a weekly series that showcases and elaborates on my photography, photography from my fellow creatives, and famous photographs.

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