Like their creators, blogs come in all shapes and sizes. Blogs can be personal or professional or a mix of the two and run by your average individual or big-time influencer. A blog can be a space for expression and confession or filled with How To’s and Did You Know’s. Blogs mainly serve as online diaries for individuals or groups/companies, yet it is a form of journalism that challenges mainstream media.

The purpose of blogging is self-publishing which goes against all mainstream media practices prior to the digital era. Since the mid-1990s, blogging has become commonplace. Throughout the last two decades, however, the conceptions and methods of blogging have reached new levels.

While blogging is mainly associated with “web logging” as I’m doing here, it’s also associated with social media presence and multi-media content.

More and more people are using social media as a blogging platform, posting about what they did on the weekend or how much they love so and so’s new skincare product. Social media is whatever you make it, and its widespread and easy-to-use networks attract new personalities every year. 

Our ever-evolving technology also helps us reach new creative heights as anyone with a smartphone can now capture an aesthetic image and upload it to the world. Smartphones and social media, in particular, have transcended blogging beyond text-based websites to include photo galleries, sponsored posts, memes, do-it-yourself videos, brand reviews, portfolios, and more.

So, why do we blog? For all kinds of reasons.

Some people view blogging as a way to keep in touch with those in their lives, while others do it as a source of income for their brand or business. We blog because we want to share something with the world, and the easiest way to do that is through self-publishing a.k.a. blogging.

But why do I blog?

Also, for all kinds of reasons.

As someone who loves to write, I thought I would take my daily journaling to the next level by creating my website and sharing it with friends and family and all the others interested. My time as an Opinion Editor got me itching to keep writing and follow a good story when it hits me, and the hits usually just keep coming.

My blog is an extension of my personality where I can voice and express my ideas to any who want to listen. Sometimes there are ten different angles to one story, yet as a paid journalist, you don’t always have the space to write every angle. Hence why I blog!

While I hope to tackle both popular and unpopular opinions, blogging is my space to be subjective, weigh the pros and cons, and critically engage in different perspectives. As much as my work seems intense, I do enjoy writing about the simpler things of life and artistically expressing myself through words.

My blog mixes the personal and professional by defining who I am and how I write and acting as a collection of my work. Read about my personal interests and experiences in photography, activism, daily life, technology, fitness, and more.

Welcome to my blog – I hope you find something you like!

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